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Current Issue 6 created at 2012/01/28 17:34

We have all had the experience of changing or updating our Linux distribution only to find that they have done something non-standard which makes life harder for us. This leads to some people saying "why can't we have a real Linux".

Having encountered this one time too many, I decided to set up this site to collect information about what they do, and expose them for all to see.

The worst offender of the problems so far reported has to be problems to do with Kernel Patching, in some cases, so heavily that it no longer resembles a generic kernel.

As a longer term aim, it would be nice to develop a test suite to automatically check what things they have broken, a configuration suite which deals with things properly, and a source based distribution which actually passes the test suite.

So, if you have any knowledge of what your distribution is doing to make your life more difficult, then contact us with the details, and we can all see about getting something done about it.

Also see the Site index which gives a complete list of stuff covered so far, and the Whats New index which gives a list of pages in date order.

We are starting to get the distribution modelled (or at least specified) at www.real-linux.co.uk.

We also have pages about Why Open Matters and Open Source and Open Standards and also Who Uses Linux.

There is also a page of References to various research which is influencing this site and the thinking behind it.