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Source Code Database

www.metux.de provided as a service to their customers a build system system to build optimised versions of Linux for embedded use.

In order to do this, anyone needs to maintain a comprehensive database of different versions of software, where to download it, how to distinguish between incompatible versions and some consistency constraints. You also have to track upstream updates.

They decided that it was silly every company who needed it having to regenerate it independently, so they decided on an API which could be used to query this database and made it generally available on the web so that any program could access it.

It was partially documented on their source code database page.

Unfortunately, they made the mistake of putting all the documentation into an insecure Wiki which then got spammed, and they are just starting to restore the content into web pages.

In the meantime the old access methods are broken, so it can not be used by other people until they get the documentation up for the new access methods.

On the whole, a great idea, and one we look forward to having back up and running.

Unfortunately, the seem to have run out of cash, and now the website times out.